Photo by Abigail CorriganĀ 

Photo by Abigail Corrigan 

Summer Dance Party With Ate9 - Aug 29 @ 10pm!

Right After The Last Show - DJ Omid Walizadeh - Ate9's Cast & staff....closing this summer dancing!  ...*a ticket to the show is a party pass...but you can choose to visit the party even without seeing the show! ------Reserve Your party pass for $9 Here 

Take Class With Us

Open classes every week in LA

New - Every Sunday @ 7pm in SilverLake @ The Sweat Spot! 

Photo by Abigail Corrigan

Mouth To Mouth In LA

 Aug 28+29@ 8:30pm

Presented By Live Arts Los Angeles Location: 4210 Panamint St. 

Admission: $20

To promise your seat buy your ticket online - click here

*Heads-Up: Aug 29 is SoldOut! There Are few Seats left for Aug 28 - please Reserve your Ticket Online-No Processing Fees!