Ate9 Practice

 Photo by Cheryl Mann from Ate9 Winter Workshop

Photo by Cheryl Mann from Ate9 Winter Workshop

What is the ate9 Company class?

A one hour dance class dedicated to sensation-based movement research. Each class works to foster strength, flexibility, and sensitivity throughout the body and mind. 


With the blessing of creator Ohad Naharin, Agami began teaching Gaga in the US 7 years ago and continues to periodically offer Gaga workshops on her own throughout the country.

With an array of influences including Gaga, Ate9 Company Class has evolved into something unique as Agami has fully dedicated herself to teaching, researching, and training dancers & non-dancers alike over the years. 

Agami’s classes are informed by the great Gaga movement language classes yet what differentiates her practice is the realization that movement exploration must be guided by a verbal exchange to give the students the possibility to research without the need to imitate the teacher. Agami believes that in order to fully own the revelations in the body we must understand the logic and fantasy behind each experience in class. The teacher observing the students is a critical component in the students' progress. Agami's fine, detailed explanations help her students participate intellectually, mentally, and physically all at once. 

When and where are Ate9 Company classes and Gaga classes offered?

Danielle Agami and Ate9 dancers teach Gaga classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at The Sweat Spot, 3327 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026. For more information visit their website.

Additional Gaga classes and workshops may be found at the Gaga USA website.

Ate9 Company Class is given to the company at the beginning of each rehearsal (not open to the public) and offered during the Ate9 Summer Course and Ate9 Winter Intensive (open to the public). Check out the Summer Course page for more information.

what about ballet?

Agami's recent residency at the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU focused on developing a new class that allows the classical ballet structures and her research with Gaga Movement Language and Ate9 Company Class to meet in Harmony. Listening to her body, she created classes that find a new dialogue with the old methods, encouraging dancers to bridge their specific needs and the grand goals of the ballet method.

The new and endless research with Ate9 dancers and guest students is attempting to revive the classical research and discover a rich mutation of past/present ideas.

This summer Agami brought the new ballet class to LA as part of the Ate9 Summer Course. Keep an eye out on the ongoing classes page for future offerings open to the public.