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Choreography by Danielle Agami. Live music by glenn kotche.

|  9 dancers  |  55 min  |  proscenium stage  |  live music  |


“More than a discreet choreographic project – calling glenn is a work of art collaboratively achieved. The music, the movement, the sequences and patterns have coalesced into a work of scale and significance emanating out of the now burgeoning potential of contemporary dance in Los Angeles.”

-CAP UCLA Artistic Director Kristy Edmunds

About the work: 

calling glenn, Ate9’s first collaboration with renown Wilco percussionist Glenn Kotche, captivates audiences with brilliant strength and nuanced physicality that humors and inspires. The work flows seamlessly through rich atmospheres created by Kotche playing live behind the dancers as they brilliantly express choreographer Danielle Agami’s rare presence and precise movement.

Kotche and the dancers' presence fill the work with surprising moments of honesty and insight inspired by exhausting common rituals and desires. calling glenn is a uniquely innovative collaboration that reawakens audiences to the excitement and pleasure of contemporary music and dance.

Photos courtesy of cheryl mann productions and ate9


After calling glenn at Royce Hall, CAP UCLA, November 2017

"Agami has an amazing sense of timing. In calling glenn, a section would border on becoming too long, but would  suddenly shift it into a dramatic and powerful semi-unison section incorporating rhythmic walks that traversed the entire space." - Jeff Slayton of

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After calling glenn at the Moore Theater, Seattle, March 2017

"calling glenn is unexpected and innovative. It is densely packed, yet accessible." -Megan Stevenson of

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Glenn Kotche- Composer/Percussionist

For a percussionist and composer as energetic, inquisitive and versatile as Glenn Kotche, it’s his sense of balance—his ability to thrive in different and seemingly disparate worlds—that really makes him stand out as a musician. Since 2001, Kotche has been the rhythmic anchor in Wilco, one of the most beloved rock bands on the planet.


Danielle Agami- Choreographer/Director

Born in Israel in 1984, Agami was a member of the Batsheva Dance Company from 2002-2010. In 2012 Agami relocated to Seattle where she founded Ate9—an undertaking that fully realized her artistic voice as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. In 2016 she was recognized with the Princess Grace Award for Choreography and recently honored with the third Virginia B. Toulmin Fellowship for Female Choreographers at The NYU Center of Ballet.


Eli James (GHOSTCIRCUS APPAREL)- Costume Designer

Drummer/producer/designer Eli James created his line of apparel for the simple reason that he wanted to make clothes that were cool and that he wanted to wear. Eli would always alter everything he wore. Whether he was going to meetings, running errands, practicing, playing shows, going out with friends or even hanging in at home, he really just wanted to be comfortable. “All you have to do is throw another layer on and keep on going.” Through a variety of testing, he figured out what he was really after. His way of putting a few pieces together made it unique enough for him to want to wear. Welcome to our world, a lifestyle where music and fashion collide.

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