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Ate9 Dance Company is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

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You can also join the Ate9 Club by giving a $9 or more monthly donation and becoming a co-producer of our ART !

As an Ate9 Club member you have exclusive access to the Ate9 Club page along with a subscription to the monthly Ate9 Club newsletter, sent to your email on the 9th of every month.

The newsletter includes:

> First access and promotional codes (if applicable) for upcoming Ate9 performances and workshops

> Danielle's reflections on dance and life.

> Information on how you can support the "Ate9 Project of the Month", (typically) a non-monetary way to support the success of an upcoming project.

This website includes:

> Access to a catalogue of videos of Danielle Agami's work (with Ate9 and other companies) with a new video posted each month.

> Documentation of all previous newsletters.

Ate9 Club Members provide a dependable base of support for the company activity and help provide our dancers and dance fans with an important home and a creative environment.

Artistic Director/Founder Danielle Agami says: "I truly believe that one should share his/her thoughts, follow his/her dreams and goals, and feed his/her desire for inspiration. I am waiting to hear, to see, to feel, and to sense the people around me. Do they know what they want? Do I? Would we meet due to our needs - I wonder..."

We Thank You, Each One Of You, For Your Support. 

Make a one time donation

Our Support System


Catharine & Jeffrey Soros

Case van Rij

Jim Rodney

Ed Rothfarb

Lorraine Evanoff

Bruce Straley

Laura Berk


Charlotte Spiegelman

Ariel Carpenter

Wileen Dragovan

Ann & Jerry Butler

Ohad Naharin

Ronnie Rubin

Dr. Robert & Melissa Lyma

Yoko & Andy Given

Larry Goldstone

Renee Rhyner

The Berks

Jon Landau

Dr. & Mis Jose-Luis Bouso

Mariette Hartley

Glenn Kawasaki


Gail Asch

Hollis Logan

Richard Cutrona

John Griffin

Debora Abergel

Paul McCabe

Jacqueline Bouassisi

Joan Daub

Barbara W. Bash

Arthur Gelber

Libby Goff

Yuval Sharon

Ashley E.Rodgers

Ehrlich Architects

Avi Roth

Fariba Ghaffari

Harriett Bay

Sacha Emanuel

Lisa & Anthony Dalesandro

Sandy savett

Nina & Jeffery Di Leo

Dennis Matthies

Our Sponsors:

First Republic Bank

CineSky Pictures LLC

Gaga People USA

Live Arts Los Angeles

Spiral Fitness-Dallas TX

Revival Confection

Trader Joe's

Israeli's Office of Cultural Affairs

Mister Marley

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Dance Recourse Center

Agami & Ate9 is PRO being vegan!!! We donate & support The Animal Protectorates & Animal Place!  

If you prefer to mail your donation;

Please make the check payable to Ate9 Dance Company.

Mail it to: 4210 Panamint St, Los Angeles, CA 90065



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