exhibit B | March 2015

Commissioned by White Bird [ Portland,OR ] and premiered in March 2015 as part of a shared evening with Hillel Kogan // New voices from Israel // Both pieces explored the difficulty that the Israeli conflict brings to our daily lives. For EXHIBIT b Agami decided to continue her collaboration with the composer Omid Walizadeh - Omid offers a unique mix between HipHop and Iranian music // Exhibit b is 30 minute performance for 8 dancers. 

mouth to mouth | April 2014

A 55 minute performance By Danielle Agami 

Original music by Jodie Landau

A 21-year-old composer, vocalist, and percussionist. His music combines elements of chamber music, rock, and jazz for live performance, film, theater, and dance. As a solo performer, Jodie sings while playing vibraphone and marimba. He has performed with groups such as ACE Jazz Collective, wild Up, Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, Gnarwhallaby, Gutbucket Chamber Orchestra, The Guthrie Project, CalArts Chamber Orchestra, CalArts Percussion Ensemble. He studies at California Institute of the Arts in the Performer-Composer Program.

 Photo: Scott Simock

Photo: Scott Simock


"Danielle Agami has the gift of turning awkwardness into something beautiful. After the terrific hour-long mouth to mouth, you feel you know something slightly crazy about each of the eight dancers in her new Los Angeles- based Ate9". / Wendy Perron 

By Scott Simock

From the press in LA; By Victoria Looseleaf.

'mouth to mouth’ is to be a fifty-five minute contemporary dance piece created by Agami for a cast of eight dancers. The title stems from the possible interpretations of its intimate connotation: dialogue, resuscitation, and love-making. The work touches upon what we all have in common— communication, the lack of communication, the things we miss, the things that get old, and the gaps in between. The subject matter is translated on stage using jarring physicality, sense of humor, and subtle innuendoes. 

For more information please Email: ate9.information@gmail.com 

Queen George!  

Humans as Visual Art.// to be presented in a gallery space

 Photo by: Anne Slettery

Photo by: Anne Slettery

Amir Raveh - Set Design 

Amir Raveh was born in Jerusalem in 1970, and after high school and duty army service, he graduated from traditional carpentry school and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Over the next three years, Raveh explored working with a variety of materials and in 1997 established NAGARYA as a design workshop for furniture and carpentry, situated in Tel Aviv. In addition to the general output of the studio, Raveh creates one-off pieces, integrating reuse of workshop leftovers and discarded pieces, resulting in a collage of old and new, shape, color, material, and space. Between 2010-2013, he participated in design exhibitions in TLV and Holon, June 2012, as well as an exhibit at the DMY International Design Festival, Berlin. 

visit http://www.nagarya.net/en-about/.

Commissioned by The Santora Building & Santa Ana Sites

Coffeegraphs - Avi Roth

Born in Transylvania, Roth and his family immigrated to Israel in 1960. As a young man, he served in the Israeli military and went on to earn his degree in photography at the Tel Aviv Polytechnic. At age 25, Roth attended the prestigious London Film School where he graduated with honors. In 1974, Roth relocated to Los Angeles, where he started a family and has resided ever since. “Coffeegraph® is a visual repository of accumulated conversations extended and made more articulate over the course of time. These reflective thoughts are embedded in every Coffeegraph® and are being reinterpreted visually into abstract forms. The discerned anthropomorphic landscape of coffee patterns and swirls reveal forgotten dreams and secrets veiled by time in the collective subconscious. Roth’s visual vocabulary is a language of exotic origin that speaks in monochromatic and color shapes and textures creating spatial tension between hues of joy, delight, inner turmoil, and darkly twisted anxiety. To learn more, visit www.coffeegraph.com

In collaboration with Think Tank Gallery in DTLA. 

From the press:

"...this weekend features the stunning choreography by Danielle Agami..." 

LA Magazine - Mark Sitko 

***DancEducation-City-Wide Initiative

Our ambition is to share live performance with young audiences and students. We aim to bring work that is virtuosic and groovy yet thought-provoking and inspiring. Our hope is to spark a post-performance discussion, allowing students to develop a point of view, and initiate a dialogue in the classroom. TactTics intermixes exhilarating sound track, live narration, and a unique movement language. 

TacTics | March 2013  

 Dedicated to young audiences and grade age students in particular.

Original text: Nadav Heyman. 

Soundtrack: Danielle Agami. 

Costumes:  Ariana Daub & Sarah Butler. 

Commissioned by : Loyola Marymount University and the Artists-in-Residency Program at Mimoda Studio.

Agami shares:

“Approaching the creation process I had to stop and remind myself something about a younger person’s point of view. Concepts that popped into my head were: speed, flipping TV channels, sports, good music, bad food, sense of humor, first love and so on. But moments after, a different list piled up: books, paper, physical activity, forgotten music, healthy food, creativity, dialog. I truly believe that only art can open the minds of human beings in a singular and inimitable way. Only art will bring joy where it is hard and a change where it is needed. "

Since relocating to the U.S,  Agami has met thousands of dancers, teaching them to find the pleasure in movement and the joy in physical effort . Ate9 is able to offer a wide range of activities to dance students and professional dancers - including Gaga classes, Open Rehearsals, informal showings and dialogs about the creation process and the daily routine of a professional dancer.

Sally meets Stu |  Aug 2012

"The Dancing will knock you flat." / Seattle Weekly. 

“'Sally meets Stu' is not really about a Sally and a Stu, they are only there to show and tell us something about ourselves. I love opening questions for discussion without using even one word. While meeting Sally and Stu, we agree with missing the answers - I offer us to lean back and enjoy the unpredictable."

Original Text: Nadav Heyman

was born on June 24th, 1990 in Israel. He moved to the United States at the age of nine and spent 10 years in Corvallis, OR. Nadav graduated from the University of Puget Sound (’12) with a B.A. in Psychology and has since moved to Los Angeles, CA.

Costumes by: Natalie Capell / Atelier De Moda, Barcelona / http://www.nataliecapell.com

Lighting designer: Amiya  Brown 

Commissioned by:  Velocity Dance Center with additional sponsorship from Cornish College for the Arts