Past Ate9 Repertoire


vickie| july 2015

Choreographer: Danielle Agami

Length: 35 Minutes

Dancers: 9

Lighting Design: Jeff Forbes

Costumes: Danielle Agami

Vickie is about a girl named Vicky. 

It’s more than just a case of “different body types:” they are highly individualistic movers. In their choreographically-disparate moments their differences are fascinating, while their uniquenesses make the unison sections thrilling.
— Christopher Duggan, The Berkshire Eagle

EXHIBIT b | March 2015

Choreographer: Danielle Agami

Composer: Omid Walizadeh

Length: 30 Minutes

Dancers: 8

Commissioned by: White Bird (Portland,OR) 

Composer Omid Walizadeh offers a unique blend of HipHop and Iranian music for Agami's compelling choreography on the difficulty that the Israeli conflict brings to our daily lives

The dancers are amazingly technical, their movements almost military in their precision, with particular attention paid to the positions of feet, hands, and heads.
— Amanda Abrams, Indy Week

Queen George | January 2015

Choreographer: Danielle Agami

Set Design: Amir Raveh

Coffeegraphs: Avi Roth

Length: 60 minutes

Dancers: 8

Humans as Visual Art // presented in a gallery space

“Queen George” explores intimacy in a public setting and how living in L.A sometimes forces us to reconsider our instincts regarding family, relationships, friendships and private time at home.
— Broadway World

mouth to mouth | April 2014

Choreographer: Danielle Agami

Length: 55 minutes

Dancers: 8

'mouth to mouth’ stems from the possible interpretations of its intimate connotation: dialogue, resuscitation, and love-making. The subject matter is translated on stage using jarring physicality, sense of humor, and subtle innuendoes.

It felt like watching spiked and carbonated dance: zestful and whimsical but with more than enough punch to make audiences restless in their seats, itching to catch every movement detail or join in the groove.
— Imana Gunawan, Seattle Dance

TacTics | March 2013  

Original text: Nadav Heyman. 

Soundtrack: Danielle Agami. 

Costumes:  Ariana Daub & Sarah Butler. 

Commissioned by : Loyola Marymount University and the Artists-in-Residency Program at Mimoda Studio.

Dedicated to young audiences and grade age students in particular.


Sally Meets Stu | August 2012

Choreography: Danielle Agami

Length: 60 Minutes

Original Text: Nadav Heyman

Costumes by: Natalie Capell / Atelier De Moda, Barcelona

Lighting designer: Amiya  Brown

Commissioned by:  Velocity Dance Center with additional sponsorship from Cornish College for the Arts

The narration is quirky, but the dancing will knock you flat.
— Sandra Kurtz, Seattle Weekly