Photo by Cheryl Mann

After Ate9's Appearance at Los Angeles Dance Fest in april 2016 | Jeff Slayton

"Agami's work is stark, direct and she exposes our is intelligent and intense".

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After mouth to mouth in NYC | Wendy Perron

"Danielle Agami has the gift of turning awkwardness in to something beautiful. After the terrific hour-long mouth to mouth, you feel you know something slightly crazy about each of the eight dancers in her new Los Angeles-based, Ate9". 

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LA Times | Victoria Looseleaf

"Since arriving in town, Agami has become choreography's It girl." 

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Arts meme | Debra Levine - May 2014

"Exquisitely stylish dancer whose confusing physicality mixes a buzz-cut hairdo with uber-feminine neck and shoulders and generous butt and thighs, Agami, in performance, ports a dark facial expression flickering between shyness and crazy danger."

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Arts meme | Debra Levine -March 2014

"While Agami, like the Frenchman-whose-name-needs-no-mention, is a recent transplant to Los Angeles, newly relocating here after several years in Seattle, it is absolutely tremendous that she is making such hip, with-it work in L.A. here and now. And a hierarchy is forming, with excellence at the top … welcomed. I appreciate, especially, Agami’s womanly touch. I’d couple her with filmmaker Sofia Coppola as a still-young but fully formed female artist whose strong vision comes nicely padded – like a velvet glove." 

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Ate9 bLAZES aWAY in LATC PREMIERE | Steven Woodruff - April 2014.

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Georgia Straight  | Janet Smith - March 2014. 

"The rush of bodies, the detailed, edgy movement, and the thumping beats fully captured the sound and the fury, the rapture and the rush of life. Odd, fleeting, and gorgeous, it left you wanting much, much more." 

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"L.A. Dance Festival returns to boost homegrown dance."

L.A. Times | Laura Bleiberg - April 14, 2013 

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"Going Gaga For a New Lady"

City Arts Magazine | Rachel Gallaher - September 4, 2012

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"Stunning Encore by Ate9" 

Seattle Dances | Kaitlin McCarthy - November 13, 2012

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"Go Gaga for Velocity Summer Resident Choreographer Danielle Agami."

SunBreak | Michael van Baker - September 1, 2012  

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"Agami/Ate9's 'Sally meets Stu' Returns"

The Seattle Times | Michael Upchurch - November 9, 2012

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